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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to book an appointment?
    Yes. Each client is given a private, personalized experience. An appointment is necessary to make sure that we give you the time and attention needed to not only have a memorable experience, but to find your gown and work out the details.
  • What is the price range?
    Our collection starts at $1,600 and goes up to $9,000+. Please note that these prices INCLUDE the made-to-measure service. All gowns will be fit to your exact measurements, leaving little to no alterations once it arrives. Generally alterations can run anywhere from $500-$1,000 depending on where you go for service. The consigned collection starts anywhere from $1,000+. As these gowns are purchased off-rack, the selection is always changing. Please give us a call for the most up-to-date inventory.
  • What sizes do you carry?
    Made-to-Measure Gowns We have samples of gowns averaging between sizes 6-12, with some smaller and some larger. The samples will fit most brides for purposes of trying on and seeing the design. We will be taking 20+ measurements to create you the exact size and design that best matches you and your venue. Consigned Gowns Sizes vary depending on what comes in. We have anywhere from a size 0 to 22. Please contact us in advance of booking to make sure we have a size you can work with.
  • Do you offer custom made gowns?
    All of our gowns can be modified to create a new look. With that said, we do not offer from scratch services at this time as the gowns are handmade by artisans across Europe, and not in house.
  • How many people can I bring to my appointment?
    We ask that you bring up to 2 people with you. We find that the narrower your group is, the more focused they are on the success of finding your dream dress. If a loved one can't make it to the appointment, we can do video calls to make sure they're "there" when you need them most!
  • How long will it take for my dress to arrive?
    Made-to-Measure Gowns Depending on the style of the gown and any design changes, it will take anywhere from 2-4 months for your gown to arrive to the boutique. We offer some of the fastest turn-around time in the industry! Consigned Gowns Available to purchase the same day, off rack.
  • Will I need alterations?
    Made-to-Measure Gowns For our luxury gown selections, alterations will not be required as they will be made-to-measure to your exact body measurements. If your size has any changes between the time of purchase and your wedding, there may be minor alterations needed. Consigned Gowns For our selection of consigned gowns, alterations will most likely be required as they are pre-made and ready to purchase off rack the same day.
  • Do you provide alterations?
    As the majority of our gowns are made-to-measure, we do not offer an alterations service at this time. We can however recommend top notch alterations specialists for you. Especially for our consigned gowns, alterations will likely be needed.
  • What is consignment?
    Consignment to a retail store means that we will try to sell your goods on your behalf for a set period of time, in our case 6 months. Within that 6 month period, your gown will be physically available in store for our bride's appointments. They can see, feel the fabric, and fall in love with your gown the way you did! We will handle all the foot work, fit questions, concerns, etc so that you don't have to worry about the sales process. Once sold, you, the consignor, will receive 45% of the sale price without having to lift a finger! If the gown isn't sold within 6 months, there may be an option to renew for more time. If interested, let us know and we can send you a copy of our consignment agreement to go over and discuss together.
  • Which types of styles do you accept?
    Normally we would be inclined to say that we would prefer only the latest styles, however each case is unique. Some dress styles no matter how classic at the time, would be difficult to sell in today's market while others would be more popular. We decide on a case by case basis. Please know, the sooner you sell a wedding gown from the time of purchase, the higher the opportunity for not just a sale, but more money. Gowns oxidize over time and start to turn yellow-ish, delicate tulle can start to get holes. We will only accept gowns that are not oxidizing, have no holes, and no missing pieces or stains. We want to offer our brides the best possible quality.
  • How do you determine the sale price of my own?
    Brand new gowns with tags are priced at around 30% off the market retail price. It all depends on how new and popular the style is. A like-new gown (worn once) will have to be further assessed to check for how loved it looks to determine a fair price. We will decide together on a price that works for us, and feels good for you!
  • Why should I consign with you when I can sell the gown myself?
    Selling a wedding gown without a store to physically sell it in can be difficult. We fully encourage you however to take your time and try out the process. There are so many advantages of having a physical store that displays your gown for every appointment. Many more eyes, and the ability for the bride to be to actually experience your gown in person. We handle all of the questions and concerns regarding fitting to styling, and every logistic in-between. Marigold Bridal offers consignment specifically because we feel that every bride to be deserves the opportunity to have a bridal appointment where she can feel special and excited. Shopping for a second hand dress online shouldn't mean that they're stuck to online browsing. We want to give everyone a chance to feel amazing just like you did when you went shopping for your gown. Let's work together and give people an experience they'll always adore and remember, when they put on your gown and just know that this is it. 😍
  • What happens if my gown sells?
    Once your gown sells, we'll be contacting you to discuss how you would like to receive payment! Payment will be sent the following month after it has sold (for bookkeeping purposes). For example, if your dress sells in February, your payment will come in March. All details will be discussed at the time of consignment so that all of your questions are answered and we can make the personalized decision on what works best for you!
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